Sunday, January 19, 2014

We have moved

Hello friends,

Please make your way over to our new, expanded blog:

In the meantime, here is a Letter to the Editor I wrote about our Council's apparent lack of sense.

I know you are all probably tired of this, but I just find it so frighteningly tragic/comic that I must share another chapter of our ongoing Castlecliff beach saga. What follows is not opinion or conjecture, but verifiable observation.

A month after Council resurfaced one parking area that no one uses, heavy equipment working to remove wind-blown sand has damaged another parking area that people do use. Next, the sand moved by the giant digger on a windy day blew straight back and blocked the entrance to Duncan Pavilion. Now, less than two days later, sand is filling the car park again. Meanwhile, Council promotes us as a “Smart Community.”

Caption: The steel treads from an excavator have damaged the parking area at Castlecliff beach, while sand blows back into place less than 48 hours later. 

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