Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Looking Back - Looking Forward

Kia ora koutou, and especially our registered followers.

As we transition into 2014 we have some updates to provide 'all-y'all'. We have combined and expanded our various blogs into one place with something for everyone: eco-thrifty renovation; eco-thrifty gardens and yard (permaculture); eco-thrifty baby; and, eco-thrifty wedding.

So please surf on over to:

But for today, here is a cool look back over the last three years at changes to our home and our "front yard."

Peace, Estwing

Day one.

After one year.

Barren front 'yard.'

Community garden takes form.

Stone car park and wind netting. 

Getting the bigger picture.

Trim below eaves has been painted. (Compare to previous pic)

Driftwood landscaping - around year 3.

Community garden pumping this summer.


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