Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Urban Chainsaw

Yes, I am a redneck, and still proud of it. You may recall our solar bacon adventure. According to Jeff Foxworthy, a redneck is someone with a "glorious absence of sophistication." I take this to mean social sophistication, and not intellectual sophistication, because Foxworthy is "wicked cleva."

My latest redneck adventure involves demolition debris from our renovation....

... and a Skil saw I bought at Hayward's Auctions for $10. (Chickens not included.)

I set up a comfortable working platform...

... and plugged in.

After 20 minutes I had filled a coal bag...

... and stored enough for a week or two in an old concrete washtub.

We store the wood indoors in an old drawer in the mudroom...

... and then feed the old Shacklock 501.

A waste product is turned into a valuable resource. And all were happy, especially Billy T.

Peace, Estwing

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