Sunday, January 13, 2013

Join us on Project HEAT

Project HEAT
Home Energy Awareness Training

Project HEAT helps Wanganui residents save energy and money by giving advice on easy, low-cost ways to cut power bills.

Overview: Power bills have risen at a rate higher than wages and benefits for the last 10 years, and that trend is likely to continue. At the same time, many Kiwis suffer from illnesses associated with cold, damp homes. Additionally, power bills make up a larger percent of the expenses for low-income families and pensioners. Our consortium of community groups, businesses and media outlets seek to help all Wanganui households, but particularly those in need.

Project HEAT helps renters and owners alike make their homes warmer, dryer, healthier and less draughty in three ways: 1) presentations in every suburb explaining easy, low-cost ways to save energy at home; 2) home energy audits; 3) instructional DIY workshops that teach how to make and install low-cost energy-saving devices. Warmer, dryer homes improve the health of the occupants, and lower power bills make money available for other household expenses.

Current Partners:
The ECO School
Tree Life New Zealand, Ltd.
Wanganui Chronicle
Wanganui Regional Primary Health Organisation
Sustainable Whanganui Trust
Community Education Service
Sisters of Saint Joseph
Wai Ora Trust
Progress Castlecliff
Anonymous Financial Donor

October, 2012 - January, 2013: Recruit partners: financial, in-kind, venues.
February, 2013: Project HEAT promotion begins.
March – April, 2013: 10 presentations in Wanganui suburbs.
April – June, 2013: 100 home energy audits in Wanganui.
11th May, 2013: DIY workshop.

Nelson Lebo
344 5013; 022 635 0868


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