Thursday, August 11, 2011

Celebrating Spirit!

Exuding enthusiasm.

We celebrate our dear friend Melinda Hatherly on the occasion of her birthday. We feel so blessed to know Lindy and her husband, Murray Jones. Caring, generous, community-minded, the list goes on.

This Whonderful Whoman from Whanganui played a key role in our Whedding and Whare Wharming in February.

Whedding theme was "Opp-Shop Melbourne Cup."

She was also there last October to help deliver our second-hand bath...

... and our first dinner party (before we had power or water).

And, along with Murray (back left in photo above), provided the best house warming gifts ever: fruit trees and bags full of organic compost!

As she helped us celebrate our special day, we want to celebrate hers.

Peace, Estwing

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  1. Hi. A charming occassion, to be sure, and quite the lady is Lindy Hatherly-Jones.
    I was in a theatre troupe with her in 1980 and am trying to get back in touch with her - to return a hat, believe it or not.
    Please - if you have a current connection to Lindy, could you please pass on from Ged Maybury a plea that she tracks back to me to find out more.
    Via my blog would be easiest, I guess, or Facebook.